Villager Voice 2018 – 031

Dear Villager

What a wonderful day this past Saturday when UCT again played host to Villagers. There is much history and tradition between the two clubs and it was a gladdening sight to see the two distinct jerseys on the field of play. This fixture was well-overdue and we certainly hope that it will continue far into the future. Our 1XV did everything we could ask of them at a very windy Green Mile and despite going down they can hold their heads high. Our scrumming was really good and it was a pity we could not score the fourth try which would have given us a well-deserved bonus point.

However, it does need to be investigated whether there should be a change in the club league structures. The Varsity Cup has seen the universities move up a notch and consideration should be given to extending the Varsity Cup for the university 1XVs over a full season. The overwhelmingly one-sided victories of the Maties against a very strong club like Durb-Bell on Saturday gives substance as to why the need for a change. Furthermore, together with this change, provincial U19 and U21 rugby should be replaced by a provincial U20 competition (in keeping with the rest of the rugby world). Rugby is evolving at all levels and what worked 5-10 years ago both on and off the field is not necessarily the best for the game today.

Villagers will be in action this Wednesday evening against UWC at UWC. The times for the matches are as follows:

18h25 U20A.

19h40 2XV.

21h00 1XV.

We will enjoy a bye this Saturday with the next fixture against the Maties at Brookside on Saturday 25 August 2018.

The 1XV organised a fundraising function in our clubhouse after the UCT match. It was a super occasion with much fun and laughter and it is quite evident that the Villager spirit is alive and well. A big thank you to all those Villagers who support the clubhouse events and thereby contribute to the well-being of the club. And thanks must also go to the player organisers for a great post-match evening – you did Villagers proud!

The Rugby Championship is now a few days away and there is much anticipation as to who will be selected and whether these Springbok players can stand up and be counted in this competition. In fact, it is now Test Match months as the Boks play right through to end November with tough challenges to be met at home and particularly away. Let us all hope that the box (or should I say flat screen) viewing is going to be most enjoyable.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Wednesday when the 1XV go all out for another win before enjoying a weekend break and then tackling the last 4 matches of the season. It seems to all have gone so quickly! Enjoy the week and all of the best to you all.

Kind regards.