Villager Voice #3


Top of the day to all of you. We very happy to announce that the Village machine is rolling on with player attendances at practice still up at 60-70 per practice with new players joining every session. The word on the street is positive regarding the vibe, practices, coaching staff etc etc. So far so good. Village is on track to launch a full assault on the Super League B but as always there are going to be obstacles and its early days. This newsletter’s focus will be the Cape Town Tens where we have 4 Villager teams representing the club – more than any other club in the tournament J.

Cape Town Tens

As mentioned in an earlier newsletter we have 4 teams representing us in this festival of rugby – 1 Villager senior side playing in the Nokia Premier League, The Fourths (our social side) in the Light Beer 1 and the Kraken team in Light Beer 2 and another Villager senior side in the Heavy Beer league. Fixtures for Friday below (Saturday is playoffs):

Villager 1 (Pool A – Premier) –all on field in front of the Hammies Clubhouse

vs False Bay 2:12pm

vs Maties 3:21pm

vs UCT Tigers 6:48pm

The (Pool B – Light Beer 1) – all on the field behind the beer tent

vs Retro Joes 11:08am

vs Old Rhodes Rats 2:12pm

vs Pretenders 5:16pm

Team Kraken (Pool B – Light Beer 2) – all on the field next to the soccer field

vs West Coast Crew 11:08am

vs Tornadoes Rugby 3:44pm

vs OP Old Boys 6:48pm

Villager 2 (Pool D – Heavy Beer) –all on field the Postage Stamp

vs Rhino Underdogs RFC 11:54 am

vs WPRA Sharp 4:30pm

vs DC Tigers 7:34pm

Gunner has urged us to point out to you guys that the Villager Senior teams are in no way a representation of a 1st and 2nd team for the season. Many of the guys are already playing in various social teams or aren’t able to play due to work commitments etc. The idea behind entering senior sides into this tourney is to build team and club gees (as you know we have a lot of new players) and the “real thing” is great pre-season training especially against teams like Maties, UCT, False Bay and Hamiltons.

Club Night

Since our last newsletter we have hosted three club nights with a great response from the players. On the first night the R500 bar tab was won by none other than our revived social rugby player Tim Marsh (who as it so happens was on his on his way out at 8:25pm but was told he might as well stay). The raffle was won by Scotty Slight. He won 2 tickets to Dennis Nick’s box at Newlands Cricket Ground for last Sunday’s T20 game. Hope you enjoyed it Scotty.

Last Thursday James Cussen was drawn for the bar tab but was not there so this week we rolling over to R600. The raffle was won by Luke Wesgarth-Taylor who finds himself the proud subscriber to SA Rugby magazine for 12 months. Thanks to Lionel, Sarge, Dave, George and Scotty to coming to the party for these evenings. It looks like we onto something here chaps.

Last night the bar tab carried over once again as Terry Ncube (who left 5 mins before J) was drawn. The raffle was won by the Fourths chairman Vincent Lederle. Vince won Butch James’ autobiography and a Spud book. Next week the tab rolls over to R700.

!cid_image004_jpg@01CF23CE chairman, Vincent Lederle, receiving his gift

Introduction to new Coaching Staff

This week we have the 3rd team coaching staff:

Fambai Marara Fambai is an Zimabawean and represented his country on various levels during his playing career. He played for Village in the 1st & 2nd teams in 2005 following which he started his coaching career at UCT with Gunner. He is currently working for the Smollan Group where he is the Operational Intelligence manager for Brandhouse field services.

Brendon Hamman Brendon joins us from UCT as well, where he was involved with their 3rd team. He is currently a teacher at Bishops.

Welcome to VFC guys and best of luck for the season ahead.

Sponsorship Boards

We are currently going through a process with regards to the updating and renewals of our sponsorship boards around the 1st team field. With the activity at the club building month by month we feel that this a great opportunity for any business.  The sponsorship cost is R15,000 per board for 3 years of exposure (effectively R5,000 per year). Please get the word out. If you know of anyone who would have any interest in potentially looking at this area of sponsorship please could you contact Trevor Kidd on 0825694653 or

All the best to our False Bay friends down the Road

Last Thursday we were invited to the False Bay 100 club where we had a sneak preview of their new bar and restaurant facility. It’s a great initiative and we sure its going to be a huge success. As far as we know the restaurant is up and running now so if you in the area pop down and have a quick bite and drink.  We presented them with a VFC plaque to commemorate this historic occasion. Please see below some pics from the evening:

Golf Day

This is going to be a great day out guaranteed. Why not get a few ex-Village mates together and use the opportunity to laugh at each other’s golf while reminiscing about the good old days. Who could you ask for more. Details below:

When: Sunday 23 February

Where: Mowbray Golf Club

Price: R1,600 per 4 ball (includes green fees & lunch) – discounted rate for current players, single entries welcome

To Book: Please reply to this email or contact Dave at 0216836704.

Sponsorship: If you would like to sponsor on the day we are offering R1,000 sponsorship per hole. This will give you branding on the tee and/or green.

Newlands Box

We almost there regarding the box. We have 3 out 5 syndications confirmed – All great folk J. Quick reminder:

R5,000 gives you the rights to the box and to purchase tickets on the Danie Craven Stand (please note you have to buy your tickets separately for every game. In other words the R5,000 does not include tickets. With normal boxes going for R180k plus surely this is a no brainer.


Our condolences, love and thoughts go out to the Satchel and Bruce families for recent losses. We wish you all the best during this challenging time.

Thank You’s

The thank you’s for this week go out to all of you guys. The response to our updating of the database has been nothing short of incredible. There is still lots of work to do but it is great to know that so many of you are behind the club during this cycle of our history.

Club Planner for the next 2 weeks

Thurs 6 Feb Fri 7 Sat 8 Sun 9 Mon 10 Tues 11 Wed 12
Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmFourths Prac – 6:15pmClub Night – 8pm Venue Hire(21st) – 7pm Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmUltimate Frisbee – 7:45pmBarleyCorn – Evening Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmFourths Prac – 6:15pm 6 Down Touch League – from 4pm
Thurs 13 Fri 14 Sat 15 Sun 16 Mon 17 Tues 18 Wed 19
Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmFourths Prac – 6:15pmClub Night – 8pm Scotty (Caterer) – Wedding – 7pm VFC 1st, 2nd, 3rd and U20 vs Sante Fe (Argentina) – evening gamesUltimate Frisbee – 7:45pm Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmFourths Prac – 6:15pm 6 Down Touch League – from 4pm


Kind Regards


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