Villager Voice #5

We hope you guys have had a good couple of weeks. This week we have a quick one as we roll into our pre-season local fixtures. Happy reading.

Helderberg Friendly

Tomorrow sees the start of our local friendlies after 3 bruising encounters against the Argentinians. We kick off this part of pre-season with a tough encounter against Super League A team, Helderberg. The word on the street is that Helderberg have managed to recruit and retain a powerful team this year so it’s going to be a tough day out for our guys. With that said however we have also had a stellar off-season recruitment and preparation wise so while we are the underdogs we are without doubt ready for the challenge that lies ahead. Our guys are pumped up for this one and realise the importance of this fixture so we look forward to a great day of rugby at Village. If you free come on down and have a look for yourself what Village is about this season. We are expecting a super turnout as we host the Village Renaissance Lunch at the club. Exciting times for Village as we welcome back a few old faces to the club.

Argentinian Wrap Up

Last Tuesday we hosted Universatorio Rugby and Saturday Hindu Rugby Club at Village. It must be said that the “Argentinian summer”  has been lots of fun. The games have been tough, competitive and most times played in good spirit. The spirit these guys have within their clubs is great to see and really something to strive for. Amateur rugby in Argentina is alive and well.

The Universatorio game was played midweek and once again used this more as a trial than anything else as we played equal strength squads. Some squads did well and some struggled but overall the exercise was very worthwhile as the coaches got to get a good view of the players in a live match situation.

Last Saturday against Hindu was the first real challenge as we put out our 1st team squad against a very powerful Hindu team. Hindu, apparently the 2nd best club in Argentina, came out firing with 2 quick tries in the first 10 minutes. This seemed to galvanise our guys as they found their feet and for the next 60 minutes the game was a neck and neck encounter which ultimately could have gone either way. In the end we went down 19-7 but there was lots to be excited about against a very well organised and physical Hindu team.

Club Night

Last week Thursday Mashoed Samsodien came out of the hat for the bar tab but was unfortunately not there to claim so ROLL OVER, ROLL OVER……………….The raffle was won by one of our loyal supporters, Brad Strauss. Brad took home Steers and Wackaberry vouchers for the family.


Last night Matt Rockhill was pulled out for the bar tab prize but alas again the winner was not present (he did arrive 10 minutes later J). Sorry Matt. So here we go again ROLL OVER, ROLL OVER to R1,100. We didn’t do a raffle last night as it was a bit tricky in the darkness. Next week we will get back on track with it assuming ESKOM decides to dry their coal.

Golf Day

A great day was had out at Mowbray Golf Club. The weather played the part and the greens were in spectacular shape. It was fantastic to see some old faces supporting the club and connecting again. Long may it continue. Thanks again to all players, sponsors, organisers for making it the day it was. It seems that our new head coach can wield a golf club as well, even though his putting style is rather odd, as he assisted his four ball in winning the day with the guys taking away enough meat to feed our 1st team.


Club Planner for the next 2 weeks

Thurs 6 Mar Fri 7 Sat 8 Sun 9 Mon 10 Tues 11 Wed 12
Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmFourths Prac – 6:15pm

Club Night – 8pm

4ths vs Helderberg – 7:30pm VFC Renaissance Lunch – 12:30pm 

VFC vs Helderberg – 1:30pm -6pm

Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmUltimate Frisbee – 7:45pm

Shebeen Boys Prac – 6:15pm

BarleyCorn – Evening

Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmFourths Prac – 6:15pm 6 Down Touch League – from 4pm
Thurs 13 Fri 14 Sat 15 Sun 16 Mon 17 Tues 18 Wed 19
Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmFourths Prac – 6:15pm

Club Night – 8pm



Players Cocktail Function – 7pm Venue Hire – 3pmWedding – Scott Slight (our very own caterer) Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmShebeen Boys Prac – 6:15pm

Ultimate Frisbee – 7:45pm

BarleyCorn – Evening

Open & U20 Rugby Prac – 6:15pmFourths Prac – 6:15pm 6 Down Touch League – from 4pm 


Kind Regards

Anton & Bruce

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