Welcome to 2014!

Villager FC would like to welcome all our supporters, players, coaches, support staff and committee members to a new year, a year that will prove to be a shining light in the long and illustrious history of our wonderful club!

The Dirty Whites have been through the mill these past few years and we all acknowledge this, the club will be playing in the Super League B competition for the second year running as a result of the poor run we experienced in last year’s competition.

The changes that were implemented last year in an attempt to rectify the clubs weaknesses are by now well documented and known to the local rugby supporters. The appointment of Andrew “Gunner” Hughes as the head coach was seen as a master stroke by many and the support he has received has been overwhelming and as a result of his clear vision for the future the confirmed Villager FC coaching, management and support staff for 2014 stands at 32! This phenomenal number is an increase of roughly 25 new personnel that all bring with them massive energy, experience and the desire to help our famous club return to the Super League A.

To achieve our goals for the 2014 season and beyond the club is to be built on the foundations of a strong culture, working environment and atmosphere. Too often in club rugby money is thrown at a problem, which works in the short term, but we as a club have realised this does not build the type of club culture of yesteryear where the players actually wanted to be at the club for no other reason than being a part of something bigger than themselves.

The fact that Villager has turned fully amateur sent shock waves through the local rugby community, but as so many supporters have pointed out, 90+% of clubs in South Africa are amateur, this is no surprise as times are tough for many and club sport should be about more than the score card and the players salaries at the end of the day.

Villager FC in 2014 will be built on the core values of ‘Rugby for the right reasons.’ The questions we asked ourselves last year: “Why players play the game?” and “What is our purpose as a club?” were difficult to answer but we feel that in creating an environment and atmosphere where our players can excel and thrive and in so doing providing a service to our local community, we are fulfilling the true nature of club sport.

As a club we accept that this year is not going to be easy and the challenges are clear, but what we do know is that the club has a committed group of individuals from the coaches, support staff and committee which will ensure the club goes from strength to strength each year.

We call on our supporters, old boys and local community to continue supporting us during this transitional phase, all are very welcome at Brookside, the home of the Dirty Whites.