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 The second oldest club in SA

It is a great honour for me to have been  elected as the 9th  President of Villager Football Club. 2017 marked a significant milestone in our club as we gained promotion  to the Super League A  after two years competing in the Super League B. I would therefore like to congratulate the  management , coaches and most importantly our  players for making this possible.

 While the 1st XV may be the shop window of our club, I am pleased to confirm that due to an association with the WP Rugby Academy , Villager FC will gain members who will significantly bolster our u20 ranks, creating a pipeline of quality players who will hopefully progress to the senior ranks within our club.

 Critically our club is reliant on sponsors and to this end I would like to thank  ESET for their continued support. Furthermore, and in an exciting development ,  as of the 2018 season , Saggy Stone have come on board as a co – sponsor.

 Our club house at Brookside  will undergo a facelift in January 2018 with Saggy Stone taking over the operational management of the bar and restaurant. It will also result in a facility where the entire family will feel comfortable in an environment conducive to having fun.

 A new committee has been elected for 2018 comprising many old club stalwarts who understand and relate to the core values and ethos of our great club. Goals have been put in a place for the next three to five years.

Finally , I would like to thank and acknowledge  our most important commodity , our members who contribute to our club – your ongoing support through the “good and  bad times” is greatly appreciated.”

  Anton Chait



In pursuit of its mission, the Club actively promotes the following values:

• To respect and continue our heritage.
• To play an attractive brand of rugby, play to win but play to enjoy.
• To support an amateur ethos, and in so doing aspire to be the best club we can.
• To play as one Club and to foster team spirit across ALL teams.
• To help all players achieve their full potential regardless of age, standard or ability.
• To provide the very highest standards of coaching and support that we can.
• To foster an environment based on friendship, trust, transparency and respect.
• To create Ambassadors of the club and role models for the game of rugby.
• To promote equal access and opportunity for all.
• To provide a safe, welcoming and friendly environment for members, members’ families and visitors alike.


The coaches and managers of the Club will work towards the achievement of the following objectives in 2018:

• To provide an atmosphere of enjoyment for all players, supporters and sponsors.
• To develop player skills, abilities and confidence.
• To provide a committed platform of management and coaching expertise to all.
• To manage with ability, understanding and personal care for each player and to provide good communication channels with all players.


• To initiate, implement, manage and maintain our new structures.
• To remain in SLA on our terms and be competitive across the board.
• For all our Senior and Junior sides to strive to finish within the top 6 of their respective leagues.
• To ensure every player receives equal opportunity to participate, improve their skills, progress their playing careers and enjoy the Villager Football Club culture.


Anton Chait
Villager FC
Gerhard Witte
John Owen Hughes
Deputy Chairman
Rob Wagner
General Manager
Clint van Rensburg
Rugby Chairman
Villager FC
Kim du Plessis
Gerard Pederson
Peter Smith
Additional Member
Peter Simmons
Additional Member

“VILLAGERS will always typify what is best in rugby football and they will, as they have always done, remain an emblem of sportsmanship. The reason is not far to seek, VILLAGERS have always had men of character and ideals to lead them, and it is a club that has attracted the type of chap who understands the meaning of playing the game.”

– Doc Craven

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